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Topics in OneRNG Talk
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Embedding information in random bit sequences while maintaining certified randomness 6 Jim Cheetham at 4:41am, Sep 15
A PRNG that isn't ... Doom 1 Jim Cheetham at 10:14pm, Sep 14
LSFR explanation video 1 Jim Cheetham at 10:45pm, Sep 13
Defcon 29 : IOT RNG 1 Jim Cheetham at 4:38am, Aug 31
Running two ONERNG simultaneously 4 Jim Cheetham at 9:19am, Jul 28
checking random nymbers generally 1 toomennypeepullaraware at 11:25am, Jul 03
Firmware validation fails randomly 6 James Pond at 4:16pm, Mar 04
onerng-talk migrating to mailman ... 2 James Pond at 4:56pm, Mar 03
LED doesn't dim / OneRNG don't work 20 bsr at 4:35pm, Mar 02
Faster RNG 1 Jim Cheetham at 5:06am, Mar 01
SHA256 Mismatch 4 a432511 at 12:25am, Feb 26
OneRNG REST Server 2 Jim Cheetham at 5:30am, Jan 25
Shenanigans in Minecraft's Java PRNGs in the speedrun community ... 1 Jim Cheetham at 9:31pm, Jan 12
OneRNG new scripts for testing 2 bsr at 5:55am, Dec 16
[SOLVED] Using OneRNG 13 Kelly Prescott at 5:20pm, Nov 02, 2020
Can it work with Ubuntu as an app on Windows 10 2 onerng at 12:07pm, Oct 25, 2020
Use as com port with Windows 10 1 onerng at 12:04pm, Oct 25, 2020
Use as serial port 1 onerng at 9:24pm, Oct 23, 2020
Lemire's algorithm for selecting a random number from a range 1 Jim Cheetham at 9:04pm, Oct 03, 2020
DiceKeys looks very cool 10 Jim Cheetham at 10:27pm, Sep 22, 2020